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MBDA – Case Study


​MBDA is a world leader in missile systems offering a comprehensive international product range incorporating todays most advanced innovations. 

They were experiencing problems with delivery, quality and price stability as they had far too many incumbent suppliers. The team within MBDA were tasked to reduce the amount of preferred machining companies to four. 


​After an exhaustive search through the internet, a possible 500 companies were listed as possible suppliers, including Tridan.  After months of auditing, Tridan were selected as one of the four “preferred machining companies”.


​As one of the four preferred machining companies, we hold weekly design for manufacture meetings (DFM) with MBDA engineers to help reduce cost/ease of manufacture. MBDA delivery and quality statistics have gone up significantly, working with Tridan in a true partnership. This has been a win win for both companies. 


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