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CNC Turning

CNC Turning at Tridan Engineering – Here at Tridan we offer CNC Turning, ranging from 1meter bar feed machines to turned parts up to 420mm Dia using the latest in machine technologies. We have driven tool capability (live tooling) as well as our newest addition to the shop floor in a twin spindle, bar feed Mazak MSY with milling capability (done in one). High-performance machining is guaranteed whether we are manufacturing small batches or larger production volumes. Our machining and processes are carried out to our AS/EN9100 certification.


The largest of these machines being capable of turning 450mm diameter x 1500mm long, whilst the bar feed machines have magazine loading and are able to turn the most complex components to within five microns.

Star CNC Sliding Head ST-38 – one off

Our Sliding Head machining centre is a Star ST38, one of the largest in its class of sliding head machines. It has the capability of holding 70 tools split between 3 indexable turrets. Live tooling is used to enable the full mill/turn package. The ST38 has a 3-meter bar feed with a maximum bar diameter of 38.0mm, this opens up the option for larger parts to be processed in one operation. The ST38 has a parts catcher for the smaller parts along with a conveyor belt to assist with the larger parts that require ejecting from the machine. All of these features help with the continuous undisturbed running (lights out) to help improve productivity.


CNC Turning Details

  • Maximum swing = 695mm ø
  • Bar work capacity main spindle = 65mm
  • Main spindle rotating speed max – 5,000 min – 1 
  • Secondary spindle rotating speed max = 6,000 min – 1
  • ‘X’ axis travel = 234mm
  • ‘Y’ axis travel = 100mm
  • ‘Z’ axis travel = 625mm
  • ‘W’ axis travel = 555mm
  • Maximum swing = 680mm ø
  • Swing over cross slide = 420mm ø
  • Chuck to centre = 1250mm
  • Max bar work capacity = 102mmø
  • Maximum swing = 675mm ø
  • Swing over cross slide = 350mm ø
  • Chuck to centre = 1000mm
  • Max bar work capacity = 65mm ø
  • Maximum swing = 720mm ø

  • Swing over cross slide = 400mm ø

  • Chuck to centre = 1305mm

  • Max bar work capacity = 80mm ø

Maximum machining diameter = 40mm, Maximum headstock stroke = 350mm, 30 off working tool station, 3 metre bar feed capacity