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Apprenticeships & Training


Apprenticeships at Tridan Engineering are a strong part of our strategy to constantly review the skill level of the team. Recruitment of the right team members was, and still is today, a difficult task due to a significant skills gap in the engineering industry. For our future success, this had to be tackled.

Through forging strong links with schools and colleges, our flagship apprenticeship scheme was launched, and we believe in the concept of growing talent from within.

Eight of our 60+ team have completed their apprenticeship, with 3 currently enrolled on a similar scheme. We believe our apprentice programme has been a major success and it has contributed to our growth and will continue to do so. So much so, that our first apprentice is now in a managerial position.

Communication and engagement are also key features in our plan.  Everything from the company vision and missions, quality of work and ideas for business improvement, to feedback and training and development are regularly discussed with the team.

We are passionate about training and continuous improvement, with our latest core of managers having recently undertaken leadership training through an outsourced training provider.

We have a Continual Improvement Team (5S) to assess all areas of the business, to feedback and implement any improvements or suggestions that are put forward.


Precision Engineering from tridan

Renowned for investing in the latest manufacturing technology, Tridan Engineering’s highly skilled and motivated workforce has enabled us to become a strategic partner to many of our clients procurement and engineering teams. Our core competencies include CNC precision milling, CNC precision turning, sliding head, combined with product and engineering support. 

Are you looking for an Engineering Apprenticeship? Send the team an email.