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Apprenticeship Interviews Underway/Welcome to the Team…

Tridan are once again delighted to announce that we will be employing another wave of young people on an apprenticeship scheme.

The Pictures show our hopeful applicants undergoing a bridge building exercise. They must buy materials, plan & then build a bridge within a time/budget limit. While they are working they are observed by our Machine Shop Manager, Operations Director & Managing Director.

We like to manage the “interview” this way as you see early on, who is the leader/thinker/ vocal etc. We have run our apprentice intake in the same manner for the last four years, it has proved very successful.

We would like to welcome Ben & Matthew to the team. Both will start their apprenticeship on the shop floor under our apprentice mentor, Tom Kidd.

We are looking forward to the guys enhancing the already great team we have.


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