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Time flies when you’re having fun and fruit flies like bananas.

Time. We use the word time so much, but why do we often run out of it… 

As a child, time for me went very slowly and school holidays seemed to last forever. They say that time  flies when you are having fun, although I’m sure that we were all having fun in the holidays! Then, time was never even on my mind. 

As you get older, there is a sense of anticipation regarding time, starting to drive, your first legal pint, leaving home and etc. Waiting for these milestones can take forever, but is it not just all in your head? If you don’t think about time, does it last longer? No of course it doesn’t but it certainly feels that way at times. Time doesn’t move any faster when you’re having fun, you’re simply less aware of its passing.  

Then you get a job, you start to experience another change in time. Time is now a lot more important as your free time gets less, and you should be realising the value of money and meeting deadlines. You are now into the life cycle called Work. Get used to this because it’s going to be around for a long time… 

One thing I can say now (as I am much older and wiser) is that the weeks now fly by, the weekends go even quicker and before you know it we will be talking about the dreaded C word again… Christmas!  

In this world of communication with emails and being able to receive them wherever you are, on any type of electronic device, people (friends/customers/suppliers) require a quick response from what would have taken a few days in the post, to the same day, to within minutes. Is this the reason that time goes by so quick, because we are all in a rush and have strict deadlines? We can all look back and hear ourselves saying “just a few more minutes”, “can we have a few more hours in the day” or “days in the week”… 

Within my role at Tridan in Technical sales, I am no different to any other professional, colleagues, in industries all over the world, Time Management is key. 

Here at Tridan, we all have a training plan that is discussed at least once a year in our Annual Summary Review with my Director.  We cover everything, it is a two-way street, so I can talk about anything I would like to.  This is the platform where I first mentioned time, deadlines, so guess what, Time Management training was suggested. 

My initial response was, uuurrgghhhh training, I can’t afford the time, I need to do this and that…. 

Time management training, wow, training does work! Of course, not every day is a walk in the park, there will always be stresses in the modern working environment, but the important thing was that the Company listened, they acted, and I am better for it, and of course the company reaps those rewards as well.  

Time is a subjective thing and the more you think about it for whatever the reason, it will either go quickly or slowly in your mind. If you don’t think about it, it will still go at the same rate… 

Time is such an important commodity to everyone, please don’t waste it!  


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