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Tridan and the environment…

Small steps.

With the current climate change conference COP26 having just taken place, the planet and what we all do with it is at the forefront of all our minds. We must act now to make changes to look after our planet and protect the people we love before it is too late.

At Tridan we are committed to protecting our environment and are positively engaging all our employees in steps to help reduce our carbon footprint and give back to the planet more than we take from it!

This can be something as simple as turning off the lights when they are not required, to ensure that all our waste products go to the right places and not just to landfill whenever this is possible. 

We are asking everyone to start with these small steps to try and break the habits and the behaviours that are ever so hard to change.

  • Turning machine lights off between shifts.
  • Turning factory lights off between shifts and lights in areas that are not being used during the day (Canteen, Kitchen, Toilets etc…)
  • Turning printers off at the weekend.
  • Powering monitors down overnight and at weekends.
  • Printing only when necessary.
  • Avoid leaving devices on standby where and when possible.
  • Separating swarf to avoid mixed swarf where possible.
  • Re-using paper where possible and printing double sided if it really needs printing.

Every slight reduction we make will have a positive impact, not only on the environment but also on Tridan’s energy costs. Our Environmental certification (ISO14001) also helps us to focus and keep this on track and for the past few years we have passed with flying colours proving that the Tridan team are playing their part in the race to climate change.

We have already changed all our factory lights to LEDs, and our latest “small step” is planting trees at the front of our building. In time these trees will help to absorb our carbon dioxide emissions as well as make the front of our building and car park look more appealing. 

We would love to hear your “small steps” and what you are doing to help protect your planet? Please email Tridan at


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