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Re-engagement with Local Schools and Colleges

As an engineering company based on the coast of Essex, it has always been difficult to recruit skilled engineers based on our geographical position. This is why over ten years ago, we invested our time into re-introducing the apprenticeship scheme back into Tridan.

Over time it was clear to us that we needed more engagement to get young people involved and excited about engineering and as such, we started to collaborate with the local schools and colleges. We invited the schools and students to Tridan for factory tours and engaged in the parents’ evenings. These small steps saw a rise in interest in apprenticeships and our intake over these years grew. Unfortunately, we all then got hit by the pandemic. 

After a 2-year absence due to COVID-19, we are happy to finally be in the position to re-engage with the local schools and colleges in the form of work placements and work experience.

We have renewed our partnership with Market Field school, which specialises in young people with moderate learning difficulties. We have a student that has joined us initially for a placement of 1 day per week increasing to 3 days over the next couple of years, whilst continuing with their academic studies. The student has a love of engineering which he would like to pursue as a career once he leaves education.

Tridan has also taken on a student for a short placement as part of their work experience from the local Technology College, with a further 2 students to follow in July.

All students will gain an insight into the workings of a modern and efficient CNC contract manufacturer during their time at Tridan Engineering as they review all aspects of the business.

We hope that they enjoy their time with Tridan, as much as we enjoy supporting and encouraging young people starting their journey in engineering, as well as continuing to grow our relationships with the local schools and colleges. #growyourown

A task we give our new young starters is to build a bridge using a limited amount of paper, Sellotape and paperclips, the bridge has to hold as much weight as possible whilst spanning a 200mm gap. The image below is of the masterpiece created by our current work experience student.

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