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National Apprenticeship Week 6th-12th February 2023

National Apprenticeship Week is an annual week-long celebration, highlighting the brilliant impact apprenticeships can have on communities, local businesses, and regional economies and how they all benefit.

Here at Tridan, we are extremely proud of our apprenticeship program and the apprentices that have come through it and grown into fully fledged engineers with the skills and knowledge to help improve themselves and our business.

We have been running our apprenticeship program for over 15 years and, in fact, many of our existing staff have served their apprenticeship with Tridan and have since progressed to hold key positions within our organisation.

We currently have 9 employees that have already passed their apprenticeship or on the path to completion. Matt Hammett, Brandon Palmer, Ashely McGrath, Liston Louth, Will Vaughan-Chatfield, Ben Scrivener, Dan Walters, Dan Myles, Matt Myles. 

They are spread out over different departments at Tridan from the discing of propellers, CNC milling, CNC turning and Inspection. Each one of them play an important and pivotable part in the Tridan team – Well done guys and keep up the great

The location of Tridan on the southeast coast has always made the recruiting of skilled engineers very difficult, and this is one of the reasons as a business we invested our time into re-introducing the apprenticeship program back all those years ago. This
has proved its worth from the number of apprentice intakes over the years as well as the apprentices that are still here at Tridan as above.

Over the years we have made improvements to our selection intake, using both practical and formal interviews, this enables us to see the candidates in various situations, not just as a nervous individuals sitting in front of us.

We have also linked up with the local high schools to help promote engineering and are invited to the parents/opening evenings to speak to pupils about a career in engineering after they leave education. We also invite the schools and colleges into Tridan for a guided tour of the factory.

At the open evenings we have several components on show, particularly from the aerospace and defence sector. The interest shown and knowing there is a high precision manufacturing company just down the road is of great interest to many.

We are starting to feel a reel buzz and excitement from young students coming into engineering and we all hope that this continues. If you feel that precision engineering is the right path for you then please get in touch with us as we will very soon be looking at our next wave of apprentice intakes.


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